Polestar Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Polestar Customer Satisfaction Guarantee 

At Polestar we understand that even the best made plans change and we want to provide you with the highest confidence when purchasing a new Polestar from Polestar (“Vehicle”). We are confident that you will love your new Vehicle and enjoy the Polestar driving experience. With its cutting-edge safety technology, performance and connectivity you will be driving a Vehicle that is at the very forefront of new energy vehicles. However, at Polestar we recognise that you may be experiencing battery electric vehicle technology for the first time and have concerns about how this will fit with your family and travel needs. We would therefore like to ensure that you have the time to fully experience your Vehicle.

Subject to these terms and conditions, if you have changed your mind about purchasing your new Vehicle, you may notify  us of your decision to return your Vehicle and we may accept a return.  We may, at our sole discretion, accept a return within 7 days of the date your Vehicle was collected by, or delivered to, and there is not more than 500 kilometers on the odometer. You then have a further  3 days to deliver the Vehicle (including all original equipment and any parts and accessories that came with the Vehicle) to the Polestar operator or Polestar Partner’s premises where you originally collected the Vehicle (or other location that we agree to), where a full Vehicle inspection will be completed.

We may accept your Vehicle for return under this policy, if:

  • The odometer has 500 kilometres or less on it;

  • The vehicle was not purchased for business purposes;

  • Has not been modified from its manufacturer’s specification;

  • Is in the same condition from when it was collected by, or delivered to, you, without damage or abnormal wear and tear;

  • Has not been resold or

  • This is the only vehicle the consumer has ever returned to us. Strictly, one return per person.  If the name, address, bank account, driving license match a with a previous return, the return will be declined. 

You will be responsible for returning all government incentives applied  to the Vehicle purchase, unless Polestar has been directly paid the incentive, in which case, Polestar will return the incentive amount directly to the appropriate government agency on deregistration.

If you are unable to return your Vehicle within the 3-day period after making good faith efforts, please contact your Polestar Customer Care number where we will evaluate circumstances on a case by case basis.

Once you have returned your Vehicle, the return process is final and may not be cancelled. At this time, we are not able to facilitate Vehicle exchanges.

If you decide to purchase another Vehicle from Polestar, you may not order a Vehicle with the same specification for a period of 12  months after the date of the return but may purchase another Vehicle in a different trim at any time. 

You will remain responsible for any fees or charges incurred while the Vehicle was in your possession, such as unpaid tickets and fines or applicable taxes.

In addition to returning the Vehicle, you will need to ensure title to the Vehicle is transferred to Polestar free and clear of any liens and complete and sign any necessary transfer documentation required to facilitate the transfer.

If you acquired your vehicle through a third-party lessor or lender, you may have other terms or conditions in your lease or financing agreement, which are outside of our control. This return policy may not apply in such situations depending on the agreement between you and your third party lessor or lender. If the return policy does apply, you may be responsible for additional fees or charges required by your lessor or lender in order to reverse the transaction.

Returns are at the sole discretion of Polestar.  Even if you meet the criteria listed, Polestar can decide not to accept your vehicle for return and this decision is final.  Polestar will continually review the returns policy and can remove, change or cancel it at any time, for any reason, without notice. Polestar can also reverse it’s decision to return your vehicle at any point through the process, for any reason. 

This return policy is intended to give you confidence in your purchase of a Vehicle, and is in addition to any other rights you may have under applicable laws, including the Australian Consumer Law.