Polestar 2: Our first fully electric car is still as beautiful as ever

Being the older sibling is never easy. Suddenly there is a new member in the family, and you are no longer the apple of everyone’s eyes. In the case of Polestar 2, there are two new members who are getting all the attention, and rightly so. But that doesn’t mean we should forget the significance of our first fully electric car. It’s still as beautiful as ever.

As we continue to grow with our ever-evolving line-up of luxury electric cars, let's take a moment to revisit a true trailblazer: Polestar 2. Amidst the flurry of new releases, it's easy to overlook the impact our inaugural fully electric car made on the automotive world. So, allow us to remind you why Polestar 2 remains a standout choice in the world of electric mobility.

The genesis of Polestar 2

Cast your mind back to March 2019, when Polestar 2 made its debut at the Geneva Motor Show. In the wake of our hybrid flagship Polestar 1, we began our fully electric journey, with Polestar 2 leading the charge. This milestone marked a pivotal moment in our commitment to sustainable mobility and redefined what it means to drive electric. As one journalist noted, “this is the one that’ll really make a splash”.

Production began roughly a year after, and in July of 2020, the first Polestar 2 was delivered to a customer in Sweden.

Distinctive design and engineering

Polestar 2 isn't just another electric car — it's testament to our obsession with design and engineering excellence. From its minimalist exterior to its futuristic interior, every element is crafted with precision and purpose. Whether it's the signature rear light blade or the eco-conscious upholstery, Polestar 2 is sophistication and sustainability in equal measure. As we like to put it: bold yet understated. Futuristic without being flashy.

Cutting-edge technology and performance

While Polestar 4 has its digital rear-view mirror, and Polestar 3 has its 1.3-million-megapixel HD LED headlights, we must not forget the cutting-edge technology that makes Polestar 2 the car that it is. Boasting advanced features such as intelligent lighting systems and customisable Öhlins dampers, Polestar 2 sets the standard for modern electric vehicles . With its responsive handling and impressive range of 568km, Polestar 2 delivers a driving experience that is as exhilarating as it is comfortable.

Lest we forget, Polestar 2 has spawned two limited edition BST versions, which have taken it to the next level.


Awards and Accolades

It's not just us singing Polestar 2's praises — industry accolades speak volumes. Germany's luxury car of the year, Golden steering wheel, and multiple prestigious design awards are only a few of the awards Polestar 2 has under its belt. It continues to garner recognition for its performance and innovation and these awards serve as a testament to Polestar 2's enduring appeal.

Although the future is filled with uncharted territory, let’s make a pact to never forget about Polestar 2. It may not be the newest kid on the block, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less impressive.


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