Polestar Precept: From Concept to Car, Episode 1

Creation requires commitment.

Whether it’s to the original idea, to the work required, or to the time it will take, commitment is key. Unsurprisingly, this rings especially true with cars. Like Polestar Precept.

The team behind Precept wanted to present as complete of a car as possible from the beginning. No flashy design ambitions that could never make it to production. No technological inventions that look like something from the bridge of the USS Enterprise. The team was committed to making something decidedly different than a typical concept car.

Precept would embody sustainable design, innovative technology, and the answers to some of the most pressing questions faced by the automotive industry. It would do so from day one. An approach the entire company committed to.

Episode 1 of “Precept: From Concept to Car”, an introduction to the series titled “The concept”, can be seen here.


A treehouse in a forest.


Koja [kåj`a],名词。1. 一个瑞典语单词,意为“小屋”或“巢穴”。2. 一种极简主义建筑,采用可持续材料建造,提供沉浸式自然体验。

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