Polestar 4 driving fast.

Polestar 4 from the passengers seat

Polestar 4 is fast, fun to drive, and finally available to order in Europe and Australia. This is the story of how years of development culminate in that one special drive. The Golden Ride.

This special city has topped the world’s most sustainable destination list 7 times in a row

Seven. The number of deadly sins, and of Snow white’s closest friends. The name of a classic thriller from the 90s. And the number of times that Gothenburg has ranked as the world’s most sustainable destination. You might already have guessed it: here are seven things that make Gothenburg award-worthy.

Inspecting the Nappa leather for Polestar 3.

How leather has endured centuries of changing times, trends, and demands

Leather is one of the most premium materials out there, known for its durability and graceful ageing. It’s not as widely known for its sustainability credentials. James Muirhead, an eighth-generation member of the family-owned Bridge of Weir, lets us in on the conscious processing of some of the world’s finest leather.