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The infotainment system in Polestar 3 is powered by Android Automotive OS and features a Polestar-developed interface. With Google¹ apps and services built-in, it connects the car, the driver, and their entire digital ecosystem.

Center display showing the Google Play infotainment system.
Centre display showing play music.

Voice control

Google Assistant¹ allows the driver to control music, climate settings, and other functions while their eyes stay on the road and their hands on the wheel. Just say “Hey Google” to get started.

Speaker on table, above a profile picture and text balloon Hey Google, what's the charge level in my car?

Google Home integration

Check the car’s battery level while preparing breakfast. Adjust the home thermostat on the way back from work. Remote actions make it possible to control car functions and smart home devices from anywhere, all within the Google Home ecosystem.

Audio options

From rich, balanced sound to an unequalled, immersive listening experience, Polestar 3 provides an audio configuration for the occasional listener as well as the audiophile.

Zoom in on Bowers & Wilkins speaker.

High-end audio system

Bowers & Wilkins for Polestar

With 1,610 watts of power, 25 speakers, 3D Surround Sound and Dolby Atmos, the bespoke Bowers & Wilkins audio system delivers a unique, immersive listening experience that stays true to the original recording.

Available as an upgrade.

High-end audio system

Dolby Atmos

Dolby Atmos produces spatial audio, creating sound in 360 degrees around the listener. Each voice, tone, or instrument is placed precisely in the Polestar 3 cabin, revealing depth, clarity and details like never before.

Available as an upgrade.

Polestar 3 from above with a bubble on the driver's seat indicating road noise cancellation.

High-end audio system

Active road noise cancellation

To further enhance the listening experience, this system helps to cancel out wind, tyre, and road noise, without blocking important sounds like sirens and car horns.

Available as an upgrade.

High-end audio system

Headrest speakers

Each front seat headrest is fitted with two 40 mm full-range speakers, enriching the spatial audio perception. 

Available as an upgrade.

Black speaker on black background.

Standard audio system

High-performance audio

Raising the standard of standard, this audio system delivers 300 watts of power through 10 optimally placed speakers. It treats listeners to deep, rich, and clean audio regardless of where they’re seated.

Polestar 3 seen from above with yellow bubbles to show the position of the speakers.

Standard audio system

Cabin-filling sound

The system’s punchy woofers, powerful mid-range speakers, and high-frequency tweeters are positioned to optimise sonic accuracy. All of the music’s lows, mids and highs will cut through, filling the cabin with a powerful and balanced sound.

Centre display showing orange bar with the text Install now.

Over-the-air updates

Polestar 3 gets better with time, receiving regular over-the-air updates for the infotainment system, apps, and car systems. New software releases upgrade the car’s features and performance without having to visit a workshop.

Focused view of the centre display console showing 8 different kind of apps.

5G Internet

Polestar 3 provides secure 5G internet to give access to the web, real-time traffic updates, and dedicated in-car versions of popular apps. Although the connection is always active, there’s no need to economise on data, as the first three years of use are included in the car’s purchase price. 

Centre display

Infotainment that goes beyond information and entertainment. Apart from navigation and streaming music, Polestar 3’s centre display allows the driver to access a range of car performance and safety settings through an intuitive interface that delivers a truly connected experience. 

Home screen with navigation, media and call functionalities.

Driver display

No clutter. No overload. The 9” driver display has preconfigured modes that provide the necessary information and nothing else. It can be set to show speed and battery status, navigation, or driver assistance information. 

Calm mode shows only speed and battery status.
Head-up display with speed level and directions projected on windscreen.

Head-up display

The head-up display projects information directly in the driver’s field of view, without blocking it. It can display navigation directions, speed, warnings and other essential details.

Available as an upgrade.

Driver profiles

Polestar 3 can store and remember the preferred settings for up to six drivers. The car recognises who’s approaching it and instantly loads the relevant driver profile. Seat position, mirror settings, steering feel, and one-pedal drive are all automatically adjusted to the stored settings. It will also cue up favourite apps and playlists.

In-car apps

Polestar 3’s infotainment system works with a variety of well-known apps optimised for the in-car experience. Paying for parking, journey planning and streaming playlists - all can be done without a smartphone. Additionally, some apps communicate with the car’s systems to elevate the driving experience even further. Updates and new apps can be downloaded on Google Play¹, using Polestar 3’s centre display.

App icon Google Maps

Google Maps

App icon easypark


App icon Tidal


App icon Waze


App icon abrp


App icon Spotify


App icon prime video.

Prime Video

App icon YouTube


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