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If you have questions regarding data protection, privacy or other legal issues, please use the relevant contact information found below.


Polestar Performance AB, a Swedish legal entity with company registration number 556653-3096 and with registered address at Assar Gabrielssons Väg 9, 405 31, Gothenburg, Sweden, is most often the controller for personal data collected and processed by Polestar"Polestar" means Polestar Performance AB and affiliates. For specific information on the controller in relation to processing of your personal data we refer to the information notice presented to you in connection with that the personal data was collected.

Data protection and privacy

To exercise your rights as a data subject, e.g. to obtain information or access Personal Data that Polestar processes, please use this WEB FORM.

Direct marketing or other legal issues

For legal questions other than data protection and privacy, please contact your contracting partner, which is the organization with whom you signed the Terms and Conditions with:

Mailing address:

Polestar Performance AB
Assar Gabrielssons Väg 9
405 31 Gothenburg

Visiting address, Headquarters:

Polestar HQ
Assar Gabrielssons Väg 9
418 78 Gothenburg

Contact details

If you have requests relating to your rights under Data Protection Law in relation to Polestar, kindly use this WEB FORM. For other concerns regarding Data Privacy in relation to Polestar contact:

Data Protection Officer

Polestar Assar Gabrielssons Väg 9
405 31 Gothenburg