Powered by Androidᵀᴹ Automotive OS and featuring a Polestar-developed interface, the Polestar 4 infotainment system optimizes the user experience for the driving experience. 

Google built-in

With Google¹ apps and services built-in, Polestar 4 instantly becomes part of the driver's digital ecosystem. Google Assistant and Google Maps can interact with the car to make life on the road even easier.

Google Assistant

The voice recognition capabilities of Google¹ Assistant allow the driver to control music, climate settings, and other functions while their eyes stay on the road and their hands stay on the wheel. Just say "Hey Google" to get started.

Google Home in Polestar

Google Home integration

Check the car's battery level while preparing breakfast. Adjust the home thermostat on the way home from work. Remote actions allow the driver to control vehicle functions and smart home devices using voice commands, all within the Google¹ Home ecosystem.

Secure 5G in the Polestar 4

5G internet

Secure 5G internet comes as standard, giving access to the web, real-time traffic updates, high-quality audio and video streaming, and dedicated in-car versions of mobile apps. The car's purchase price includes the first three years of data use.

Audio options

Appreciate a rich, nuanced sound or indulge in an immersive in-car listening experience. Polestar 4 comes with a choice of three audio configurations, catering to both casual listeners and music enthusiasts.

Polestar 4 from above in cross section with audio options displayed
Black Harman Kardon speaker

Audio system upgrade

Harman Kardon premium sound

With 1,320 watts of power, 12 speakers, and features like Seat Optimized Mode, the Harman Kardon premium sound system will resonate with fans of all genres. It immerses listeners in authentic music reproduction, whether the interior is filled with classic strings or modern synths.

Available as an upgrade.

Audio system upgrade

Headrest speakers

To further enhance the in-car listening experience, the Harman Kardon premium sound system can be upgraded with two speakers in each front headrest, bringing the total to 16. The ones in the driver's seat headrest handle phone calls and navigation instructions, leaving the passengers to enjoy the music.

Available as an upgrade.

Close-up on black speaker

High-performance audio

The standard audio system delivers through 8 optimally positioned speakers. Designed to increase acoustic accuracy and reduce overall distortion, it provides a deep, rich and clean sound experience.

Driver profiles

Polestar 4 can remember the preferred settings for up to six drivers and load their profile when the car detects an authorized key fob. Seats, mirrors, steering feel, and one pedal drive are all adjusted accordingly, while the profile also cues favorite apps and playlists.

Center display

Placed horizontally, the 15.4-inch frameless center display further elevates the Polestar driving experience. Its size, 1920 x 1200 px resolution, and landscape orientation enhance the view of maps and media. The interface layout makes using apps and car functions even more intuitive.

The Home screen gives direct access to the main car, navigation, media and call functionalities.

Instrument panels

Emphasis on the essentials. The 10.2-inch instrument panel only shows important information, such as speed, navigation directions, and battery status. It has three different viewing modes, each configured to avoid clutter and distraction.

Calm mode, showing speed and battery status.
Head-up display

Head-up display

Helping the driver to stay focused on the road, the 14.7-inch head-up display projects speed, turn-by-turn navigation, warnings, and call notifications on the windshield. It automatically adapts to the ambient light and has a "snow mode" for better visibility in winter weather.

Available as an upgrade.

Rearview mirror display

Instead of a traditional rearview mirror, Polestar 4 has a high-resolution, 8.9-inch rearview mirror display linked to a roof-mounted HD camera. It provides an unobstructed, panoramic rearward view and doubles as a regular mirror so that the driver can see the rear-seat passengers.

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Rear control screen

The optional 5.7-inch rear control screen allows passengers to set the cabin temperature in their climate zone and pick a favorite playlist. Power to the people in the back.

Polestar 4 Rear control screen
Over-the-air updates in the Polestar 4

Over-the-air updates

Receiving regular over-the-air updates for the infotainment system, apps, and car systems, Polestar 4 is an EV that gets better with time. New software can be installed at the user's convenience, upgrading the car's features and performance without the need to visit a service point.

In-car apps

Familiar apps and services are built into the infotainment system so the driver's smartphone can stay pocketed. Some also interact with the car's systems to unlock an even more enhanced driving experience. Updates and new apps can be downloaded from Google Play¹, using the center display.

App icon Google Maps

Google Maps

App icon easypark


App icon TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio

App icon Waze


App icon abrp


App icon Spotify


App icon prime video.

Prime Video

App icon YouTube


Polestar 4 infotainment Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay

Polestar 4 comes with wireless Apple CarPlay, allowing a compatible iPhone to be connected via Bluetooth and controlled using the car's center display or voice commands. Listen to music, make phone calls, get driving instructions or use Siri, all while remaining focused on the road.

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