The exterior design of Polestar 3 combines sculpted surfaces, distinctive details, and optimized aerodynamics, creating a new, more hi-tech form of luxury electric performance.

Polestar 3 stands at an angle with the entire front and side visible.

Exterior design explained

Head of Design, Maximilian Missoni, talks about the optimized headroom, low roofline, sleek silhouette, and other design details of Polestar 3 that give its distinct expression, unique in the world of SUVs.


Always a color that features the features. Polestar 3 is available in a carefully curated choice of exterior colors, each selected to accentuate the car's design down to the smallest detail. 

A front view of the Polestar 3 with a white exterior.
A front view of the Polestar 3 with a light metallic grey exterior.
A front view of the Polestar 3 with a warm metallic exterior.
A front view of the Polestar 3 with a dark metallic blue exterior.
A front view of the Polestar 3 with a metallic grey exterior.
A front view of the Polestar 3 with a black exterior.







Optimized airflow

Aerodynamic elements are integrated into the exterior design, working together to enhance handling and efficiency. The front and rear aero wings direct the airflow over the car, reducing pressure buildup and increasing downforce and stability. The rear aero blades enable smoother air release from the side to reduce drag.

Flush side windows with high gloss black trim.


The flush side profile, with acoustic laminated glass, creates a completely flat surface that helps keep the airflow attached to the body, reducing turbulence and wind noise.

Door handles

Fully flush with the doors, the handles increase the aerodynamic efficiency of the vehicle by reducing its side profile drag and not interfering with the airflow. The handles extend when the driver approaches while carrying Polestar 3's ultra-wideband or digital key.


Minimal design, maximum illumination. Emphasizing the clean, aerodynamic exterior, the LED headlights combine minimalist aesthetics with intelligent technology for a signature expression and an optimized view. 

Showcase of the headlights' design.
More on lighting and safety

Rear light bar

Day or night, Polestar 3's high-intensity rear lights adapt their luminance to the light conditions, increasing visibility and lowering the risk of collisions from behind. 

The mirror turns to show the design

Door mirrors

Frameless design

More reflection. Less obstruction. The glass-to-edge design allows for a 30% smaller mirror housing that optimizes the driver's view and contributes to greater aerodynamic efficiency. 

Door mirrors

Electrically adjustable, heated and folding

Safety meets convenience. The mirrors are heated to prevent fogging and powered to ensure precise and effortless adjustment. They fold away when the car is locked, reducing the risk of parking damage.

Door mirrors


All mirrors automatically dim when facing extra-bright lights. This enhances preventive safety and eye comfort, and reduces the risk of being dazzled.


Polestar 3 comes with a selection of precision-engineered alloy wheels that echo the geometric forms of the car itself. Using diamond cutting, 3-axis machining, or our patented 3D laser-etching technology, each wheel surface gets its own signature look and high-quality finish. 

Design options

Each wheel design has been carefully matched to the exterior features of Polestar 3. All available wheels meet Polestar's high standards for safety, durability, handling, and performance. 

22” Performance wheel

22” Performance

22″ Sport wheel

22″ Sport

21” Pro wheel

21” Pro

21” Plus wheel

21” Plus

20” Aero wheel

20” Aero

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