Scandinavian minimalism. Integrated technology. Mindful materials. This is an inner space designed to stimulate the senses, including a Bowers & Wilkins audio system with Dolby Atmos, engineered for the ultimate sonic experience. Every drive becomes a unique journey. 


Carefully curated. Meticulously matched. Polestar 3 offers four distinct interior themes, combining a select colour palette with innovative material choices. Upholstery and deco have been developed to create a premium look and feel, establishing a more sustainable standard for the electric age.

Animal welfare traced Nappa leather in Zinc with black ash wooden deco interior.

Animal welfare traced Nappa leather in Jupiter with black ash wooden deco interior.

Animal welfare certified wool with aluminium deco.

Bio-attributed MicroTech with aluminium deco.

Close-up of the leather upholstery


Animal welfare traced Nappa leather

Produced according to strict animal welfare standards by Bridge of Weir in Scotland, the perforated Nappa leather upholstery is also chrome-free and traceable.

Available as an upgrade. 

The texture of the material is visible in this 3D close-up


Bio-attributed MicroTech

Made from certified renewable vinyl and recycled polyester textile, bio-attributed MicroTech is a vegan alternative to leather that doesn't compromise on feel, durability or aesthetics.

3D representation of the wool weave.


Animal welfare certified wool

Conscious comfort. The wool used for Polestar 3’s interior is made from animal welfare certified yarn, that comes from farms with a progressive approach to managing their land and treating their sheep responsibly. This allows for transparency in production and animal welfare. 

Wood dashboard material detail


Black ash wood

Inspired by techniques from furniture design, black ash deco achieves its unique look by using the physical structure of the wood. This is a more sustainable approach than the traditioinal method, reducing scrap by making better use of the available materials.

Available as an upgrade. 

Aluminium dashboard material detail


Repurposed aluminium

Made from recycled metal, the aluminum deco gives the interior an even more futuristic look. 80% of the raw material sourced for the panels comes from post-industrial waste, giving used aluminum a new life as distinctive interior components.


Low and sporty without compromising on comfort. Polestar 3 has a seating position with a completely different character than any other SUV. It's designed to deliver a uniquely connected and in-control experience, with great visibility in all directions.


A seating position unlike any other SUV.

Front seats with memory function

Choose from eight ways to adapt. Set it up once. Polestar 3's front seats can remember the preferred seating position for each driver. Open the door and the seats and wheel shift to ingress position (if activated), making it easier to get in. Depress the brake pedal and everything moves to the driving position, based on the settings saved earlier.

Back seats and centre bench setup

Rear seats with plenty of room

Instead of a bench, Polestar 3 comes with three seats in the rear, offering the same support and comfort as the front seats. Furthermore, the completely flat floor provides additional leg room, ensuring enough personal space regardless of where you're sitting. 

Displays and controls

Forward-thinking design with a familiar feel. Polestar 3's digital displays and car controls offer a modern take on driver information without compromising on intuitiveness. The result is a uniquely uncluttered experience that appeals to the senses without overwhelming them. 

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Steering wheel in the background, centre display in the foreground with Google Maps open, still clearly visible at an angle.

14.5” center display

Clarity in all circumstances. The large, frameless central touch screen has a pixel density of 208 ppi and an anti-reflective coating to deliver excellent readability even in direct sunlight.

A wide, rectangular display behind the steering wheel showing driving data.

9” driver display

This advanced display has an anti-reflective coating that reduces glare without compromising readability when exposed to direct sunlight. It also automatically adapts its brightness to suit ambient lighting conditions. 

Driving information displayed on the windshield.

Head-up display

Essential driving information such as speed, turn-by-turn navigation and warnings are projected onto the windshield, with advanced lightning technology, which ensures high visibility regardless of exterior lighting conditions.

Steering wheel

Steering wheel controls

For a safer, more convenient driving experience. Touch-sensitive, contextual buttons allow the driver to control many of the car’s advanced functions, without taking their eyes off the road or their hands off the wheel. The active function is clearly shown in the driver display. 

Steering wheel stalks isolated on the background, rotating and zooming in to show the details.

Drive selector

The drive selector is situated on a stalk behind the steering wheel. This allows the driver to select the drive mode, activate the electric parking brake, and use the Adaptive Cruise Control and Pilot Assist functions, while keeping both hands on the wheel.  

Bowers & Wilkins for Polestar

With 1610 watts of power, 25 speakers, 3D Surround Sound and Dolby Atmos, the Bowers & Wilkins for Polestar audio system takes in-car listening to a level previously unheard of. Specifically developed for Polestar 3, it ensures optimal speaker placement and delivers an immersive experience true to the original recording. 


The Bowers & Wilkins speaker design complements the minimalist interior of Polestar 3.

Dolby Atmos

The Bowers & Wilkins for Polestar audio system features Dolby Atmos, enabling a spatial sound experience in Polestar 3. The Atmos technology allows precise placement of each voice, tone, or noise, revealing depth, clarity and details like never before. 

Headrest speakers

To further elevate the level of acoustic precision, each front seat headrest is fitted with two perfectly tuned 40 mm full-range speakers. Apart from adding to the immersive audio environment, they also allow the driver to receive targeted navigation instructions and answer calls without interrupting the listening experience of the passengers. 

Panoramic roof

The panoramic roof adds a spacious feeling to Polestar 3. The roof is made of high-tech, laminated glass, which lowers cabin noise levels. It also cuts ultra-violet radiation by 99.5%, reducing glare and heat from the sun, and improving the energy efficiency of cabin climate control.   


The entire roof is made of high-tech, laminated glass.

Air particle filter

Polestar takes air quality seriously, both outside and inside the car. The on-board particle filter helps to reduce the number of undesirable particles in the cabin air, such as pollutants and pollen.

Auto-dimming interior mirror

The rear-view mirror automatically dims when facing extra-bright lights. This increases preventive safety and eye comfort, and reduces the risk of glare.

Ambient lighting

The ambience is in the details, such as the minimalist white LED lighting integrated into the instrument panel and the door sides, to highlight and enhance the interior design. Gold illumination is available with the Performance pack.  

A mobile phone charges wirelessly using the car's interior charging.

Wireless charging

No more cable clutter. The front space is equipped with a wireless charger that works with any Qi-compatible device. Additionally, Polestar 3's tunnel console is equipped with two USB-C ports in the front, plus two in the back. A convenient cable storage pocket is also provided.

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