Performance pack

The optional Polestar 3 Performance pack includes a performance software upgrade, a tuned Polestar Engineered chassis, 22” forged alloy wheels, and distinctive design features to elevate the driving experience even further.

+ $6,000  

A Polestar 2 drives on a road.

Performance software upgrade

Maximum power and acceleration at all times. The performance software upgrade boosts the powertrain output to 517hp (380 kW), while also adjusting the true torque-vectoring management for constant all-wheel drive and optimal responsiveness.

Polestar 3

Polestar Engineered chassis tuning

Refined performance for spirited driving, balanced control for longer journeys, and everything in between. Polestar Engineered chassis tuning provides precisely crafted control in all of Polestar 3’s suspension settings. Spring stiffness levels, internal valve semi- active dampers and torque vectoring work in harmony with the Pirelli P Zero tyres to deliver enhanced responsiveness and driver engagement.


22″ 4-Multi spoke black polished forged wheel

Using a manufacturing process originally developed for racing wheels, the 22″ 4-Multi spoke black polished forged wheel are lighter and stronger than more conventional cast alloy wheels. Their low unsprung weight allows them to move up and down faster, improving handling and maximising road contact.

Yellow seatbelts on the seats.

Swedish gold accents

Seatbelts, and the valve caps add a subtle performance signature in the colour Swedish gold.

Polestar 3 dashboard with radiating gold light from the strip.

Laser-etched golden light line

Adding to the performance features, the golden laser-etched ambient lighting is exclusive to the Performance pack and features distinctive gold illumination.

Plus pack

The Polestar 3 Plus pack includes Bowers & Wilkins Premium Sound, bio-attributed MicroTech or animal welfare wool seats, 21” 5-V spoke black diamond cut alloy wheels, heated rear seats, and more. 

Included with every Polestar 3. 

Car speakers

Interior upgrades

Bowers & Wilkins Premium Sound

Pure, fully immersive audio. The high-spec, 1610-watt Bowers & Wilkins premium sound system has been specifically designed for Polestar 3. Its 25 speakers, including a fresh air subwoofer, and 28 amplifier channels deliver an outstanding audio experience. 

Upholstery in wool, close enough to see the texture of the weave.

Interior upgrades

Upholstery option: Animal welfare wool

Naturally comfortable. Fully transparent sourcing. Animal welfare wool is a breathable, elegant upholstery option that also ensures a progressive approach to animal welfare and material production.

The texture of the material is visible in this 3D close-up

Interior upgrades

Upholstery option: Bio-attributed MicroTech

A vegan alternative that doesn't compromise on feel, durability or aesthetics, bio-attributed MicroTech is produced using renewable vinyl and recycled polyester textile.

Close-up of the dashboard showing the pattered alumnium.

Interior upgrades

Aluminum deco

Because 80% of the raw material is sourced from post-consumer waste, this futuristic interior deco gives used aluminum a new lease on life.

From the front of the car, sun reflects off the windshield, which is slightly grey in tint.

Interior upgrades

IR and laminated acoustic windshield

Cool in warm climates and warm in cold climates, the infrared windshield is an essential addition to Polestar 3. It not only helps to optimize cabin temperature, but also reduces road noise for even quieter electric journeys.

Car wheel

21” 5-V Spoke Black Diamond Cut Alloy Wheels

A perfect match for Polestar 3's minimalist exterior, these 21" signature alloy wheels are manufactured using low-pressure casting, making the metal exceptionally dense and strong. The simple, elegant design is accentuated by the diamond cut wheel surfaces and clear-coat finish.

Overview of back seats.

Comfort upgrades

Heated rear seats, steering wheel and wiper blades

Tested and developed in the arctic circle for comfort in the harshest of winter weather, the heated steering wheel and rear seats make the Polestar 3 interior an even more welcoming environment. The heated wiper blades prevent washer fluid from freezing in cold temperatures, making them an important safety feature.

Comfort upgrades

Air particle filter

Polestar takes air quality seriously, both outside and inside the car. The dedicated on-board air particle filter helps to reduce the number of undesirable particles in the cabin air, such as pollutants and pollen.

Steering wheel

Comfort upgrades

Power-operated steering column

Precisely position the steering wheel. Power-operated controls allow the driver to accurately adjust the steering column to achieve exactly the right height and reach. The position is stored with the driver's other preferred settings, such as seating and door mirrors.

Comfort upgrades

Soft-close doors

No more slammed doors. No more half-open doors. The soft-closing system senses when a door is being closed and quietly pulls it shut.

Groceries are being held in place in the boot with the grocery bag holder.

Comfort upgrades

Grocery bag holder

Prevent loose items from moving around in the trunk. The cargo floor can fold up to create a lid-in-lid holder that supports grocery bags, either standing or hanging from hooks.

Pilot pack

The Pilot pack further enhances Polestar 3’s safety features. Upgrades include Pilot Assist and a head-up display.

Included with every Polestar 3.

Pilot Assist

Pilot Assist delivers a more relaxed driving experience on highways and major roads. Once the driver has selected the desired speed and a time interval to the vehicle ahead, Pilot Assist monitors the lane markings and the distance to the vehicle ahead, and makes automatic speed and steering adjustments to maintain the preferred position. 

Head-up display

Essential driving information such as speed, warnings, and turn-by-turn navigation is projected in the driver's field of view, using a special coating on the windshield. Advanced projection technology ensures excellent visibility regardless of exterior lighting conditions.

Nappa upgrades

This set of premium interior upgrades includes perforated Nappa leather upholstery, ventilated front seats with massage function, and black ash deco.  

+ $5,500

Close-up of the leather upholstery

Nappa leather upholstery

Produced according to strict animal welfare standards by Bridge of Weir in Scotland, the perforated Nappa leather upholstery is also chrome-free and traceable. Available in Zinc, with a matching interior zinc band, or Jupiter. 

Wood dashboard material detail

Black ash deco

Inspired by techniques from furniture design, black ash deco achieves its unique look by using the physical structure in the wood instead of the optical shifts in color more often used in cars. This more sustainable approach reduces scrap by making better use of the available veneer.

Driver seat in leather

Ventilated front seats with massage function

The front-seat ventilation system uses fans inside the seat base and backrest to push air through the upholstery, enhancing comfort in warm weather. Both front seats also include a massage function to make longer journeys more comfortable and relaxing.

Close-up of wheel.

22″ 4-V Spoke black polished forged wheel

These optional 22” forged alloys are shaped by pressing the metal rather than melting it, resulting in lighter and stronger wheels that improve handling and road contact. Their design features are accentuated by a Polestar patented laser etching technique that combines a high-quality finish with a highly efficient use of energy.

+ $2,300

Towbar Hitch (retractable, semi electrical)

All versions of Polestar 3 produce enough torque to tow up to 3,500 lbs. The semi-electrical folding tow bar unfolds at the touch of a button in the trunk. Lock it into place manually. There’s a light on the button which indicates the locked status, and a message is shown in the Polestar 3 centre display if it’s not locked. The trailer module in Polestar 3 communicates with the trailer, keeping the driver informed of any issues with the trailer’s indicators, brake lights, or other systems.


Over-the-air updates

We're constantly tweaking the software of the Polestar 3 to make sure you get the latest updates to improve your range, safety, performance and in-car applications. Expect continuous upgrades on your car throughout the year. 

Free of charge.

Pilot pack with LiDAR

The advanced LiDAR system from Luminar is designed to continuously scan the environment in front of the vehicle to create a three-dimensional understanding of Polestar 3's surroundings. The system can see what the driver sometimes can't, and will help prepare the car for autonomous driving.

Available to order from Q2 2023.

Polestar 3



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