Performance pack

The optional Polestar 3 Performance pack includes a performance software upgrade, a tuned Polestar Engineered chassis, 22" forged alloy wheels, and distinctive design features to elevate the driving experience even further.

+ $6,000

A Polestar drives on a road with mountains in the background.

Performance software upgrade

The performance software upgrade boosts the powertrain output to 380 kW/517 hp and the torque to 671 lb-ft, resulting in a 0–60 mph time of 4.5 seconds¹. It also adjusts the torque distribution to provide maximum power and acceleration when required.

Available for purchase end of year 2024.

Zoom in on 22" Performance wheel.

22” Performance wheels

Inspired by a motorsport manufacturing technique, the 22-inch Performance wheels are forged instead of cast. This process makes them lighter and stronger than conventional alloys, further enhancing handling and road contact.

Zoom in on a part of the Pirelli P Zero tyre.

Pirelli P Zero tires

Developed specifically for Polestar, the Pirelli P Zero tires exemplify the automotive passion that went into creating the Performance pack. Together with the meticulously tuned Polestar Engineered chassis, they provide optimal traction and track-inspired handling characteristics. 

Polestar 3 driving on a road seen from the back.

Polestar Engineered chassis tuning

The Polestar Engineered chassis provides precisely crafted control in each of the three suspension settings. Spring stiffness levels, damping, and torque vectoring have been tuned to deliver enhanced responsiveness and driver engagement.

Swedish gold accents

The brake calipers, seat belts, and valve caps are finished in Swedish gold, a nod to the performance-oriented nature and Scandinavian heritage of Polestar 3. The laser-etched golden light line in the interior adds an extra touch.

Swedish gold seat belts

Plus pack

The Polestar 3 Plus pack contains a graphical head-up display, a bespoke Bowers & Wilkins audio system, a power-operated steering column, Air Quality system with PM 2.5 sensor, soft-close doors, and more.

+ $5,500

Zoom in on Bowers & Wilkins car speakers.

Audio upgrades

Bowers & Wilkins for Polestar

Specifically designed for Polestar 3, the Bowers & Wilkins audio system delivers a unique immersive listening experience. Featuring a 1,610-watt amplifier, 25 speakers, 3D Surround Sound and Dolby Atmos, it provides spatial sound that stays true to the original recording.

More on audio
Polestar 3 from above with a bubble on the driver's seat indicating road noise cancellation.

Audio upgrades

Active road noise cancellation

The Bowers & Wilkins audio system can also create silence, canceling out the frequencies of obtrusive wind, tire, and road noise. The result is an exceptionally calming cabin, amplifying the system's acoustic qualities without blocking sounds like sirens and car horns.

More on audio

Audio upgrades

Headrest speakers

Each front seat headrest is fitted with two 40 mm full-range speakers for even more spatial sound.

More on audio
Driving information displayed on the windshield.

Interior upgrades

Head-up display

Essential driving information such as speed, warnings, and turn-by-turn navigation is graphically displayed in the driver's field of view, using a special coating on the windshield. The advanced projection technology ensures excellent visibility regardless of light conditions.

Windscreen seen from the side.

Interior upgrades

Infrared windshield

A special coating allows the infrared windshield to filter out the infrared waves of sunlight and reflect them back into the atmosphere. This lowers the experienced cabin temperature by up to 5.9 °F and reduces energy demand from the climate control system.

Rear window seen from the back of the car.

Interior upgrades

Acoustic lower rear window

The upgraded lower rear window is made of the same laminated acoustic glass as the other windows. A special noise-reducing layer helps make the Polestar 3 cabin even quieter. 

Groceries are being held in place in the boot with the grocery bag holder.

Interior upgrades

Foldable load floor

To prevent objects from moving around, the cargo floor has a lid that folds up to support items such as grocery bags and packages. It can keep them in place, either standing or hanging from hooks.

Touch screen between the front seats showing the temperature.

Comfort upgrades

Heated rear seats, steering wheel, and wiper blades

Adding to the comfort of the heated front seats, the heated steering wheel and rear seats make the Polestar 3 interior an even more welcoming environment. The heated front wiper blades prevent washer fluid from freezing and ensure optimal visibility in winter weather.

Comfort upgrades

Air quality

The air quality system includes a particulate matter sensor that detects unwanted particles as small as 2.5 micrometers. Its interior filter can remove 99.9% of pollen, and 95% of virus, dust, and pollution particles, exchanging all 106 ft³ of cabin air every minute.

Steering wheel with touch-sensitive. contextual buttons.

Comfort upgrades

Power-operated steering column

Power-operated controls allow the driver to adjust the steering column to achieve the right height and reach. The preferred position can be saved in the driver profile to avoid having to make adjustments again after sharing the car.

Driver's seat door and mirror with zoom in on door handle.

Comfort upgrades

Soft-close doors

Push a door lightly, and the soft-close sensors will detect it. When it touches the locking mechanism, an electric motor takes over and gently pulls the door shut.

Nappa upgrade

The luxury Nappa upgrade comprises perforated Nappa leather upholstery from Bridge of Weir, Black Ash deco, and front seats with five massage modes, powered side support, and ventilation.

+ $5,500

Headrest upholstered in light Nappa Leather.

Interior upgrades

Perforated Nappa leather

Our Nappa upholstery is produced according to strict animal welfare and quality standards by renowned automotive leather-makers Bridge of Weir. It is available in three colors: Zinc, Charcoal, or Jupiter.

Seat upholstered in light Nappa Leather.

Interior upgrades

Seat ventilation

The front-seat ventilation system uses fans inside the seat base and backrest to push air through the upholstery, adding comfort in warmer weather.

Centre display of Polestar indicating Massage function.

Interior upgrades

Massage function and powered side support

Both front seats include a massage function with wave, upper back, lumbar, and spot massage modes, with individual controls. They also come with powered side support, providing even more comfort on longer journeys.

Close-up on the material Black ash deco.

Interior upgrades

Black ash deco

Black Ash deco gets its unique look by staining the physical wood structure, rather than selecting a veneer with a particular pattern or color shift. This approach reduces material waste without compromising the aesthetic.

Pro pack

Add a touch of performance design to Polestar 3 with the Pro pack, combining Swedish gold exterior and interior accents with 21" Pro wheels.

+ $2,100

Black seat belt with Swedish gold stripe
21" Pro wheel with diamond cut surface.

21” Pro wheels

Echoing the geometric forms of the car, the 21-inch Pro alloy wheels accentuate the sleek, aerodynamic design of Polestar 3. The wheel surface is diamond-cut to obtain the signature look and high-quality finish.

Pilot pack

The Pilot pack further elevates the driver-assistance capabilities of Polestar 3. Upgrades include Pilot Assist, Lane Change Assist, Park Assist Pilot, and 360º camera with 3D view.

Included as standard. 

Pilot Assist

Pilot Assist keeps the car centered in the driving lane at speeds up to 93 mph, where legally permitted. The system monitors the distance to the lane markings and the traffic ahead, making gentle speed and steering adjustments to maintain a safe position.

Lane Change Assist

When Pilot Assist is active, Polestar 3 can also change lanes automatically. Moving the indicator stalk fully up or down initiates the maneuver, and the car will only proceed if the system's sensors indicate it's safe.

Park Assist Pilot

Using cameras and sensors, Park Assist Pilot can detect available parking spaces and automatically steer the car into the one selected by the driver. The system is capable of handling parallel, perpendicular, and diagonal parking, and its detection function works at speeds up to 18.6 mph.

360° camera with 3D view

The onboard software can use the front- and rear-view cameras, as well as both door-mirror cameras, to create a bird's-eye or 3D view of the car on the center display. It helps the driver notice obstacles close to Polestar 3 and maneuver in tight spaces.

Pilot pack with LiDAR²

This upgrade adds three extra high-resolution cameras and Luminar's advanced LiDAR² system to the Pilot pack. It can create a 3D understanding of the car's surroundings, further advancing the driver-assistance capabilities of Polestar 3.

+ $5,000

LiDAR² from Luminar

By scanning the environment with its laser, the LiDAR² system can recreate it in 3D, allowing Polestar 3 to recognize the landscape, obstacles, and traffic movements. It's capable of identifying objects up to 820 feet away, even in darkness and poor weather conditions.

NVIDIA core computer on grey background.

Additional NVIDIA core computer

As part of the LiDAR² upgrade, Polestar 3 is equipped with an additional NVIDIA DRIVE Orin™ core computer. With a capacity of 254 trillion operations per second, it is more than capable of processing the data needed for advanced driver assistance functions.

Top part of the Polestar 3 seen from above with 3 white dots to mark the position of the additional cameras.

Additional cameras

The Pilot pack with LiDAR² includes three extra high-resolution cameras to enhance the car's forward and rearward vision. A long-range camera is added to the SmartZone, while two shorter-range cameras are placed in the door-mirror arms, complementing the standard surround-view cameras.

Zoom in on one of the cameras.

Camera cleaning 

All three additional cameras come with automatic camera cleaning, helping to keep them free of water and dirt.

Single options

From a semi-electric towbar hitch to animal welfare-certified wool upholstery and 22-inch Sport wheels. Polestar 3 provides various single options to make the car even more comfortable, personal and practical.

Exterior upgrades

Towbar Hitch (retractable, semi-electrical)

All versions of Polestar 3 produce enough torque to tow up to 3,500 lbs. The semi-electrical folding tow bar unfolds at the touch of a button in the trunk. Lock it into place manually. There’s a light on the button that indicates the locked status and a message is shown in the Polestar 3 center display if it’s not locked. The trailer module in Polestar 3 communicates with the trailer, keeping the driver informed of any issues with the trailer’s indicators, brake lights, or other systems.

+ $1,450

Close-up of  the Animal welfare-certified wool upholstery.

Interior upgrades

Animal welfare-certified wool

Warm in winter and cool in summer, animal welfare-certified wool is a comfortable, breathable upholstery option, ensuring a progressive approach to sheep farming and land management.

+ $1,100

Close-up of the bio-attributed MicroTech upholstery.

Interior upgrades

Bio-attributed MicroTech

Pairing renewable vinyl with recycled polyester textile, bio-attributed MicroTech provides an innovative, vegan alternative to leather. It reduces environmental impact without compromising on feel, durability, or aesthetics.

+ $500

Repurposed aluminium dashboard material detail.

Interior upgrades

Repurposed aluminum deco

Sourced from 80% post-industrial waste, repurposed aluminum deco transforms used metal into new, eye-catching interior panels.

Included with the wool and MicroTech upholstery options.

21" Plus wheel.

Wheel upgrades

21” Plus wheels

Emphasizing the car's exterior design, these 21-inch alloy wheels are manufactured using low-pressure casting, making the metal exceptionally dense and strong. Their signature look is accentuated by the diamond-cut wheel surfaces and clear-coat finish.

+ $1,200

22" Sports wheel.

Wheel upgrades

22” Sport wheels

The 22-inch Sport alloy wheels are forged instead of cast, resulting in a strength-to-weight ratio that enhances handling and road contact. A Polestar-patented laser-etching process gives them a high-quality finish while being highly efficient in their energy use.

+ $1,100 / Requires Pro pack

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  1. Preliminary data. Subject to final vehicle certification.
  2. LiDAR upgrade subject to availability based on production cycles.
  • Visuals are for illustrative purposes only. European model shown.

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